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Legal Contracts

The Office of General Counsel is responsible for preparing and reviewing all agreements and contracts on behalf of West Virginia University.  These include, but are not limited to:  memoranda of understanding or agreement; purchase or sales agreements; personal services agreements; affiliation agreements; appointment or offer letters; leases, deeds, and easements; and renewals and amendments to agreements. 

In conjunction with the unit requesting the agreement, the Office of General Counsel has the responsibility to ensure that the agreement clearly and accurately expresses the intent of the relationship and the obligations to be performed and to ensure compliance with all necessary West Virginia constitutional and statutory requirements applicable to state agencies, which includes the University. 

Before pursuing any agreement, please contact the Office of General Counsel to determine how best to proceed.  The Office of General Counsel has a number of pre-approved templates available for use.  We can also assist in the preparation and negotiation of any agreement on behalf of the University. 

Furthermore, the vast majority of University faculty and employees do not have the authority to sign agreements on behalf the University.  Only the President of the University and University administrators specifically designated by the President are authorized to execute agreements on behalf of the University.

For any questions or assistance in contracting, please contact or (304) 293-7286.